What is Princeton Perks?

It’s a discount card fundraiser organized by the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) of Community Park, Johnson Park, Littlebrook, Riverside, Princeton Middle School, Princeton High School and Princeton Charter School.

How does it work?

When you purchase a $30 2022 Princeton Perks card, you get discounts at all participating retailers and restaurants from January 1 through December 31, 2022. Some restrictions apply.* (Click here to see all 2021 deals + details!)

How much of a discount do I get?

Most businesses offer 10% off but some have restrictions* on certain days of the week or on specific items. Before you shop, visit for the latest information on each business’s discount offer.

Does the card have monetary value?

No. The card entitles the cardholder to a discount at participating businesses. Visit for details on each business's offer.

Why did we create this?

Our PTOs have faced big funding gaps during the pandemic. At the same time, struggling local businesses wanted to encourage people to shop local.

Who benefits?

Students and teachers benefit from the sale of the discount cards. Businesses benefit because cardholders are motivated to support local businesses throughout the year.

Who can buy a Princeton Perks card?

Anyone can buy a card! They make great gifts for family members, business clients and partners.

How can I buy a card?

Cards are available for purchase online.

What if I forget my card?

Unfortunately, discounts cannot be honored without your card. If you lose your card, please email

Which businesses are participating?

A complete list of participating businesses is available on the 2021 Deals and 2022 Deals pages. You can also look for the Princeton Perks logo in storefront windows or near the register.

How did we decide which businesses to include?

Any business that is either owned by a resident of Princeton or is physically located in Princeton is welcome to join. Participation is free. Email

What’s the difference between a participating business and a sponsor? Princeton Perks sponsors offer cardholders a discount and also help to support the fundraiser by offsetting costs to the schools. Our sponsors are committed to a thriving Princeton!

Can participating businesses change their discount offer? Occasionally a business may have to alter their discount. All changes will be updated on the website!

What else can I do to help local businesses? Besides buying local as much as possible, you can write positive reviews. It’s easy, free, and can make a difference!

*Princeton Perks Discount Card Terms & Conditions: Offers are valid starting January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. The discount is only for specified locations and cannot be combined with other offers. Merchants may apply additional restrictions or change offers occasionally. The card has no monetary value.